Role of the OCI

January 1, 2010

Our Vision

To establish the OCI as a premiere NOC within the Olympic Movement.

Our Mission:

To manage and enhance the performance of Team Ireland at Olympic Games whilst developing the Olympic Movement in Ireland.

Our Key Objectives and overview of rational:

  1. To provide Team Ireland with the most effective athlete centred, performance driven operational planning and management at each Olympiad.
  • Use and continue to refresh our blueprint of world class operational planning for pre, during and post Olympic Games together
  • Engage in, learn from and implement change as appropriate following internal and external debriefs
  • Adhere to and revise as appropriate to the operational plans and strategies for each Olympic and Youth Games
  • Work in partnership with the National Federations and Sports Councils/Institutes to provide world class operational planning and management and to enhance the performance environment within Olympic Sports personnel and programmes at Youth and Olympic level through key events and programmes below;
  • 2017/2019 Winter and Summer European Youth Olympic Festivals in each year (4)
  • 2018/2020 World Youth Olympic Games (2)
  • 2018 Winter Olympic Games
  • 2019 European Games
  • 2020 Olympic Games
  1. To maximize commercial value of the Olympic brand and provide long term financial security for the OCI.
  • Maximise the OCI allocation within the IOC top programme ( worldwide rights) and targeting remaining sponsor category partners and sponsors for exclusive rights in Ireland
  • Managing relationships with sponsors and establishing approvals processes for activation campaigns to enhance the profile of Olympic sport through targeted athletes
  • Protect the Olympic brand for ambush marketing
  • Target and bid for quadrennial and annual funding sources Olympic Solidarity, EOC, Sport Ireland to assist key programmes
  • Secure funding for key operational goals from Sport Ireland


  1. To develop and protect the Olympic Movement in Ireland
  • By promoting the fundamental principles of Olympism through Olympic Day and Educational initiatives
  • By encouraging the development of high performance sport within the High Performance System
  • By providing professional development of Sports Administrators, Performance Directors, Team Leaders, Coaches, Science and Medical support staff and athletes
  • By complying to the WADA code and IOC Ethics Code and working closely with the National Anti Doping Agency in Ireland
  • By preserving the autonomy of the NOC and resist pressure including political, religious and economic
  • By formulating opinions and providing feedback to the IOC, EOC and ANOC
  • Compliance with the Olympic charter in all aspects
  • By assessing funding and or supporting specific requests made by National Federations


  1. To provide Strategic Leadership and representation of Olympic Sport within Government, EOC and IOC.
  • Through the President, officers and staff maximise opportunities to enhance the OCI influence within ANOC, IOC, and EOC
  • Provide clear roles and responsibility of the Olympic Council of Ireland, Sport Ireland and Institute of Sport through the signing of an MOU with Sport Ireland
  • Provide professional input to important strategic Sport Ireland High Performance / Carding / Institute committees
  • Establish a Technical committee for the Games cycle which includes Sport Ireland,Institute of Sport, SINI
  • Maintain positive relationships with Government, their Sports Agencies and with National Federations
  1. To provide Good Governance to ensure best practice within the OCI 
  • Ensure that there are clear roles and responsibilities for the President and Officers and best practice working relationships with OCI staff
  • The President and Officers to work with the staff to lead the management and coordination of administrative activities including staff, infrastructure, purchasing
  • Prepare and approve of annual budgets ,preparing financial statements and ensuring financial policies are adhered to for the purposes of audit
  • Establish ad hoc committees as required utilizing the skills of board members and or through contracted professional advice
  • Our core values embrace leadership, accountability, transparency, innovation, teamwork and respect for people we work with

 The success of our mission is entirely dependent upon the income we receive.


Olympic Solidarity Support Programmes in 2012-16/ Sport Ireland Budgets 2012-16

Process: Proposals and Budgets submitted and approved by OCI officers and sent to OS and Sport Ireland for consideration.

Below key programmes to help achieve our strategic objectives supported by  ISC/Sport Ireland proposals and budgets:

  1. Olympic Scholarships for Athletes – Sochi 2014: specific objectives:
  • 6 athlete places– funding support to help qualification for Olympic Winter Games through monthly scholarships

2 – Olympic Scholarships for Athletes – Rio 2016: specific objectives:

  • 8 athlete places– funding support to help qualification for Summer Olympic Games through monthly scholarships

3 – Olympic Team Support Grant: specific objectives:

  • Funding support for talent development days, training camp and Olympic qualification events for the women’s rugbyperformance programme support

4 – European Youth Olympic training camps for 4 EYOF and 2 YOG’s specific objectives:

  • training camp funding support towards the pre – Games at EYOFs 2013/15

5 – Youth Olympic Games – YOG– specific objectives:

  • talent development programme funding for YOG 2014/16 sports
  1. Innovative Team App for Rio 2016 – specific objectives:
  • to develop an innovative platform to communicate important information and advice to assist planning for Olympic Games – to a targeted group of athletes , coaches, team leaders and sc/med support teams to assist with Games planning – with password protected access

7 – Coaching with Impact Programme –   Specific objectives:

  • 10 international expert performance directors / coaches to assist performance directors in Ireland to review and enhance their Olympic
  • A key element will be education of national High Performance coaches.  Any new knowledge will be communicated to other coaches through National Federation coaching conferences and/or coach education resources.

8– Team Leadership training and Olympic Games operational planning – specific objectives:

  • Professional development and peer group learning get seminars which also include lead coaches.
  • In addition Team leaders preparing for Rio 2016 have been engaging with the OCI’s partner “The Leadership Trust” for Leadership and Management training – specific objectives
  • To provide greater awareness and emotional intelligence when dealing with others, reinforce and explore  personal leadership impact and behaviours, understand the role of the leader to inspire and motivate others, review and reinforce personal and leadership strengths and weaknesses, enhance ability to know and control yourself, particularly when leading others, develop an action plan for your future personal leadership development

9 – National Training Courses for Sport coaches- specific objectives:

  • coach educational training course support for 3x NF’s to enhance their coach education staff and resources – targeted sports boxing, table tennis, diving

10 – International Executive Training Courses for Sport Management– specific objective:

  • one recipient targeted for enrolment and to be beneficiary of the IOC MEMOS course

11 – NOC Exchanges– specific objectives:

  • OCI to contribute to this programme for the benefit of NOC’s worldwide by supporting where possible a developing nation sports administrator through placement at OCI

12 – Sports Science and Medicine – specific objectives: develop Olympic cycle Science and Medical strategy and within this advice and guidance and annual professional development for a focused group of 75 practitioners working with Olympic sports, based on multi disciplinary topics appropriate for strategy implementation. The strategy itself to have the following specific objectives:

  • To further develop and enhance established systems and structures which enable the OCI Medical and Science team to work seamlessly with the National Governing Bodies of Sports, The Irish Institute of Sport (IIS) and Sports Institute of Northern Ireland (SINI)
  • To review the defined roles, responsibilities and functions of each member of the OCI Medical and Science team and ensure they are effectively communicated to all members of the Irish Olympic Team and their wider support network (i.e. athletes, coaches, team leaders, performance directors and medical and science support personnel)
  • To develop medicine and science specific strategies that address the medical and science challenges of a multisport team participating in Rio at the 2016 Olympic Games
  • To ensure the entire team have all the medical and science information required to perform to their optimum (development/collation of necessary information based on needs analysis) and the dissemination/communication of same (communication strategy)
  • To develop people with the capacity to provide a professional and quality based medical and science support service to Team Ireland at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which is athlete centred, ethically based and seeks to enhance performance
  • To establish a multidisciplinary training camp prior to the Rio Games for the optimal preparation of the Irish team
  • To develop a review process to enable the OCI to evaluate the performance of its own medical and science processes and working with the Institute of Sport and Sports Institute of Northern Ireland develop a process to debrief and support athletes in the post games period
  • To create a legacy building model of leading medicine and science practice for future Olympiads


13 – Women and Sport:  focus on leadership roles for women, senior management position, board member, leadership skills, personal development plans. Specific objectives :

  • 16 programme participants, coach/ facilitator and personal development plans for each.
  • Training has in specific areas such as – handling board meetings, presentation skills, dealing with conflict, leadership skills training, organisational strategy assistance and a group session per year for those in the programme.


14 – Olympic Education, Culture and Legacy (incl. International Olympic Academy) Specific objectives:

  • To create an Olympic schools project, through athletes recounting their sports experiences via video resources so encouraging children through messages relating to the benefits of healthy eating, regular exercise.
  • Provide examples of athlete training, competition, and performance support programmes/ fact sheets and video material


In support of the Olympic Charter

In addition,the OCI ,as the National Olympic Committee, and under the Olympic Charter, aims

1.To propagate the fundamental principles of Olympism
2.To encourage the development of high performance sport
3.To help in the training of Sports Administrators
4.To fight against doping
5.To preserve the autonomy of the NOC and resist pressure including political, religious and economic
6.To formulate opinions and convey to the IOC


To see the Constitution of The Olympic Council of Ireland please click here

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