Hendrick into C1 Canoe Semi-Final

Congratulations to Ireland's Robert Kendrick who has qualified for the semi-final of the men's C1 Obstacle slalom.

He will now face Slovenia's Leon Breznik for a place in the final on Wednesday 27th August at 08.23am Irish Time.

Watch it live on Olympic TV http://www.olympic.org/

Start Time Course Bib Name Birth Date
2 15:23:00 1 32
24 Dec 1997
2 54
28 Jan 1997


He defeated Hungary's Zoltan Koleszar in the quarter-final this afternoon.

The Head to Head Canoe Obstacle Canoe Slalom is an individual event on two parallel and similar courses. The athletes compete in pairing format described in the Progressing system.

The courses are of approximately 120m in length. The length of the courses in one direction is about 60m with four pairs of buoys on each course.

Two athletes start in the same time from launching slides on their course. The start and finish are in the same line.

The layout of the course provides two equal distance and form for each athlete and marked with well visible red and green numbered buoys and separation buoy-line between the 2 courses.

The athlete finished the race when completed properly the course and his/her boat’s bow reached the finishing line.

The progressing bases on time or winning a race depending on the phase of the competition. Details are under the Progressing System.

Each Event contains different phases of racing from the Qualification Heat to the Gold Medal Final.

The progressing system depends on the entered number of athletes to each event.

Competition summary below:







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