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Rule 40 Guidelines

February 16, 2020

What is Rule 40?

Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter was introduced by the IOC to help ensure global participation at the Games and to provide very significant funding worldwide for International Sports Federations and National Olympic Committees. This in turn supports a significant portion of national athlete performance programmes, participation programmes, sporting events, and scholarships around the world, including Ireland. In short, it is a key driver for the support of sports worldwide.

What does Rule 40 provide?

Athletes are able to generate income through personal sponsorships and appearing in advertising for those sponsors, and can continue to do so by being involved with well-planned advertising during the Olympic Games.

By accepting some limited restrictions on these activities during the Games, athletes who enjoy personal sponsorship deals are helping to secure funding to support all national Olympic teams.

In the case of OFI’s marketing programmes, by accepting some limited restrictions on their activities during the Games, athletes who enjoy personal sponsorship deals are also helping to support all participants within Team Ireland.

Who does this Rule apply to?

All members of Team Ireland at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This includes athletes, substitute P athletes, sparring partners, coaches, technical support staff, Performance Directors and officials. All members of Team Ireland sign up to a Team Members Agreement (TMA) which sets out the framework for participation at the Games.

What’s new?

The Olympic Federation of Ireland is committed to an Athlete first approach. In late 2019 / early 2020, the OFI engaged in negotiations with the Athletes’ Commission made up of current and former Irish Olympians and has also engaged with athlete agents and its own sponsors, partners and suppliers.

The result is a framework that on the one hand provides additional rights for Team Ireland athletes during the Games Period, including increased opportunity to recognise personal sponsors during the Games period, the ability to be recognised by personal sponsors during the Games period, and a shared responsibility for compliance with personal sponsors: previously the responsibility rested unfairly on the athlete alone. On the other hand, the framework also protects the solidarity principle which underpins the funding of athlete participation at the Games as well as support for performance programmes and scholarships.

Rule 40 permissions

From 28 February 2020, athletes will be able to obtain Team Ireland Rule 40 permissions in three simple steps:

  1. An Athlete registers his / her personal sponsor(s) in the Team Ireland Rule 40 system.
  2. The Athlete’s personal sponsor(s) signs up to the Team Ireland Personal Sponsor Commitment.
  3. Once complete Athletes and their Personal sponsors can apply for permissions.

When does it apply?

It applies for a less than a month and is called the Games Period from 14 July 2020 to 11 August 2020.

Download Team Ireland Rule 40 Guidelines

Request Team Ireland Rule 40 permissions

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