Team P and G Ireland

The OCI and Procter and Gamble today launched details of the Irish Olympic Team "nearest & dearest programme" 

Stephen Martin said, “The OCI  have been working hard to ensure our athletes have the best preparation possible for London 2012.  In our quest, we’ve looked at every aspect of performance with their Performance Directors and support teams.  One of the areas we have looked at is the role of family and friends in the support of our athletes. 

We know from previous Games that athletes get a real psychological boost from having family support there and for many it is vital to their success. 

But we also know that they can serve as a distraction too. The number one aim of each athlete is to perform to their best and we are delighted that P and G have supported the athlete family ticketing programme"

Nathan Homer Procter and Gamble, said "When we started discussions with the OCI we asked what we could do to make a difference, this project stood out for us. We are so excited about what we’re able to do for the Mums and families of our great athletes… to help them to be the best supporters they can be, and to enjoy the experience. They’ve done so much for their children, sacrificed so much for them, and we also want to tell that story and bring it to the public. It’s an everyday story that’s familiar to all and truly resonates… the story of raising a good kid. Easily overlooked and utterly compelling" He added,


P and G's Nathan Homer with Nancy Chillingworth and Stephen Martin


"We’ve heard a number of Irish athletes tell us all recently that one of their biggest concerns is about their parents and families getting to the Games and getting tickets to see them compete. So, it was clear to us what the best reward should be to make sure that they have the best Games possible. I'm delighted to announce today that P&G will be giving every single member of the Irish Olympic Team and Paralympics Ireland Mums and families tickets to see their son or daughter compete in their first event. This is our small gift to them to say thank you for everything they’ve done. It’s going to be a special time for the whole family and there’s going to be some unforgettable moments… so we’re delighted to help in our own small way to make sure those who matter most can be there to enjoy it"  


P and G ambassadors Katie Taylor and Sonia O'Sullivan at todays launch in Dublin.




(LOCOG, following discussion with National Olympic Committees around the world,  have agreed to ensure that athletes competing at each round of their competition can purchase two tickets per round ( apart from swimming x1 per round ). The OCI will manage this programme for Team Ireland athletes and will provide further details to athletes and "family" members at the OCI's 2012 Olympic Conference in Newcastle, Co Down this weekend. As announced today P and G have agreed to purchase the initial first round tickets for each athlete)







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