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Hickey congratulates Trabzon

July 27, 2011

The President of European Olympic Committee (EOC) Patrick Hickey, who called on the youth, “Go outside. Do sports, make sports a part of your lives.”, and stated that the 11th European Youth Olympic Festival is one of the best organised.

Hickey, who evaluated the Trabzon News, published for the Festival hosted by Trabzon, expressed, “EYOF Trabzon 2011 remains as one of the best organised festivals in the history of EYOF.”

Hickey answered the Trabzon News questions as follows:




What is the purpose of EYOF?

The purpose of EYOF is to gather the youth of 40-50 countries and arrange a sport event with olympic quality and create an opportunity for the youth to experience that atmosphere.

What do you do to encourage the youth to do sports?

EOC has carried out activities to encourage the youth to do sports since its establishment. We are actually carrying out a campaign for the time being. Within the scope of this campaign we are aiming to eliminate obesity amongst the youth. We are carrying out activities which encourage children to go outside and do sports who spend hours in front of computers and game consoles such as playstation.

What are your opinions about EYOF Trabzon 2011?

The competitions are not over yet. However, I can say that EYOF Trabzon 2011 is one of the greatest organisations arranged up till now with its magnificent opening ceremony, remarkable venues and its friendly people regarding my experiences I gained so far.

What is your message to the youth?

I have one and only message to the youth of this generation. Go outside, do sports and make the sport you have taken up a part of your lives. By this way, you can pick up a healty lifestyle and change your future.

What are your opinions on İstanbul’s candidacy for 2020 Summer Olympics?

Actually it is really hard for me to say anything on this subject because as the President of European Olympic Committee I have to be neutral. The reason for this is that two cities of Europe (Rome and Madrid) are also candidates of 2020. Bunun sebebi ise şu anda 2020 için Avrupa’dan iki şehrin (Roma ve Madrid) aday olmasıdır.  However all I can say that the chance for Istanbul to host the Olympics is not that different of the other two cities. I should say, it is going to be a challenging process.

-What are your impressions of Trabzon?

I have been to Antalya and Istanbul many times before however this is my first time in Trabzon. It has never been hard for me to come to Turkey. I love your country, culture and your fine weather. Everyone has been really friendly. The success of Turkey in EYOF 2011 will certainly be a reference for its candidacy for 2020 Summer Olympics.

What are your opinions about Trabzon News?

The newspaper is truly incredible. The photo footages and the contents of the news are remarkably well. To have the newspaper in your hands on the morning gives you life and a different taste of the festival. For this reason, I would like to congratulate all of those who have contributed. 

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