AIBA unvail new proposals

Top male amateur boxers will no longer be required to wear headguards after the launch of AIBA’s Professional Boxing (APB) programme in 2013.

The world amateur boxing President Dr Ching Kuo Wu yesterday announced at a meeting in Kazakhstan they will be setting up APB pro-boxing divisions at world, European and national levels.

Wu yesterday unveiled a new programme, entitled AIBA Professional Boxing (APB), to be launched in 2013, which will allow competitors to retain their Olympic eligibility despite boxing professionally.

Describing the move into pro boxing as historic, the AIBA president said the objective was to take responsibility for a boxer’s entire career.

“I would like to give more opportunities to all our boxers to compete and live in a better boxing world with a stable financial status,” he said.

“I am determined to change the image and reputation of our sport with transparency, popularity and social contribution by taking responsibility for managing the destinies of boxing in all forms.”

The worldwide APB division will feature the top 20 boxers in each weight category, fighting over 10 rounds for ranking competitions and 12 rounds for titles. The continental division will feature boxers ranked from 21-50, and the national division will feature boxers ranked 51 and below.

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