Baku 2015 European Games – 12th to 28th June 2015 – Newsletter 1

The first edition of the Baku 2015 European Games Newsletter is now published and provides substantial information on the progress made, it includes the sports, qualification, sports competition and schedule, the venues, NOC Services, the Athletes Village and the Baku 2015 (BEGOC) Team.

Baku 2015 will host the inaugural European Games in 2015 under the Presidency of Pat Hickey and EOC Coordination Commission Chairman Spyros Capralos a very significant amount of progress has been made since the games were awarded to Baku in December 2012.

This is a very exciting new project and for all the sports involved,  it will be a new and innovative undertaking.

The Baku 2015 European Games will take place from 12th to 28th June 2015.

Please take time to read the Newsletter and you will see the progress to date.


Baku 2015 Newsletter 1


We will keep you all up to date during the coming months of all areas of progress.

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