IOC Support IAAF stance on Doping

Statement by the IOC Executive Board:

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) welcomes and supports the
IAAF’s strong stance against doping. This is in line with the IOC’s
long-held zero-tolerance policy.
The IOC has taken note of the decision of the IAAF Council and of the
report and recommendations of the IAAF Taskforce.

The IOC Executive Board, in a telephone conference today, emphasised that
it fully respects the IAAF position. The eligibility of athletes in any
international competition including the Olympic Games is a matter for the
respective International Federation.

The IOC will initiate further far-reaching measures in order to ensure a
level playing field for all the athletes taking part in the Olympic Games
Rio 2016. The upcoming Olympic Summit on Tuesday will address the situation
of the countries in which the National Anti-Doping Organisation has been
declared non-compliant by WADA for reasons of the non-efficient functioning
of the national anti-doping system.

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