Ireland defeated 6-3 by Czech Republic

IT was unlucky Ireland at the European Curling Championships in the snow-covered town of Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, this morning, when they went down 8-4 to the Czech Republic in a game they know they should have won.

The team were on the ice for their fifth game in the round robin stage of the competiton and matched their oposition shot for shot for the first five ends. They were looking to score a big end in the sixth when their skip, Peter Wilson, attempted at a skinny double. Unfortunately, his stone just failedto catch the first Czech stone by a millimetre. If it had come off the Irish would have scored a match winning four.

The luck of the Irish was definately not in the Swedbank Arena at the following end, when, Wilson went for the hit and roll out on his last shot to retain last stone. But the stone jammed on the Czech shot and spun into the rings at the top of the house. After losing that crucial advantage, the team went into the last few ends visibly deflated, allowing the Czech's to extend their lead.

Ireland 4 Czech Republic 8






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