Irish Athletes Add Voice to Save Navid Afkari

Olympic Federation of Ireland Athletes’ Commission calls for halt to execution of Iranian Wrestler

The Olympic Federation of Ireland Athletes’ Commission have added their voice to the call for clemency for Navid Afkari, the Iranian wrestler whose execution was scheduled for this week.

Sporting bodies, athletes’ representative groups, athletes’ commissions, and athletes from around the world are coming together to call for the halt to the execution of Afkari. As the Irish Athletes’ Commission, representing Irish Olympic athletes, we stand with the global community of athletes and offer our support for the call for clemency and for a halt on the planned execution of a fellow athlete. We invite our athlete community to support this call by sharing the hashtags #SaveNavidAfkari on social media.

Speaking on the current situation, the Chair of the OFI Athletes’ Commission, Shane O’Connor said,

“It is important that as athletes we stand together in support of each other during times of need. Navid Afkari was sentenced to death for allegedly killing a security man in Shiraz, Fars Province, at the time of the summer 2018 protests in the province – it seems clear there is evidence supporting the fact he did not commit the crime and that he was tortured during interrogation into giving a ‘false confession’.  The execution was scheduled for the 9 September, but we believe this did not happen and we are now calling for a halt on this planned execution and for transparency into the current situation of Navid. We also ask our government and the IOC to continue doing everything in their power to protect Navid”




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