Irish Fencing host FIE International

For the 8th time, Ireland will be hosting this weekend an FIE (International Fencing Federation) Satellite Competition at Men's Epee at UCD Sports Centre, Belfield.  The top 8 in this competition will be awarded world ranking points

There is an entry of 58 fencers, 19 of whom are Irish. A total of 17 countries (including Ireland) are represented: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy,Portugal, Romania , Slovenia , Switzerland and Slovakia.

The format of the competition will be a first round of 7 pools of 7 or 6 fencers – this round is used to establish a seeding for the second round, and no fencers will be eliminated from this first round. The second round of 7 pools of 7 or 6 fencers will be seeded from the results of the first round. The last 17 will then be eliminated and the top 42 from the 2nd pool round will go forward into an incomplete direct elimination table of 64 fencers, where the no. 1 seed will meet no. 64, and so on, until 4 fencers remain. There will then be 2 semi-final matches and a final.

There will be some exciting matches as some of the fencers competing are chasing World Cup points to improve their world rankings with the imminent European Games qualifier event coming up on 20th December in Budapest.

In addition to the Men's Epee event, the Women's Foil  and Women's Epee will take place on Saturday 29th, with the Men's Foil, Men's Sabre and Women's Sabre on Sunday.

The equipment needed to run this competition has mainly been funded from the Lottery.


Contact:          Nuala McGarrity – 086-8350921






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