Kearney’s coach stays positive

Lisa Kearney has not been able to compete recently due to the knee injury she picked up in her 5th Place in the World Cup event in Sofia.

Her coach Ciaran Ward said, “we could have thrown her back in if absolutely necessary but the risk was tearing the knee completely and finishing the season.

Fortunately although she lost some ground, she is now in a very strong position to qualify with only the European Championships (26th April) remaining in the qualification process”

He added  “There is only one combination of results that could knock Lisa out of her top 14 qualification spot in the Olympic rankings.  If the athlete below her wins a medal at the Europeans and the athlete two places below her gets to the final (Silver) and they both do better than Lisa, she loses her place.  Although this is possible, it is highly unlikely.  Both athletes have needed final spots in each of the last 4 events to jump Lisa and have been unsuccessful and neither have ever won a medal at the European Championships”

Kearney said , “it’s been a frustrating time my her rehab is on track and I should be back on the mat in another 3 weeks”




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