London 2012 Olympic Shooting Ranges

New shooting venues will be constructed in the green area facing the Woolwich Royal Artillery Barracks, in Greenwich, in the heart of the London’s Games, near by the Olympic Village.

“The venues are truly in the heart of the city, on the river-zone. Shooting is going to be placed in the heart of the Olympics, twenty minutes far from the Olympic Village, and about fifteen minutes from the city centre. It is not going to be a stand-alone venue. Equestrian, Badminton and Gymnastic will be placed in the same area.” Said Mr. Underhill.

Shotgun shooting venue:
A temporary three range Shotgun venue will be constructed in front of the Woolwich Royal Artillery Barracks.  A special green net designed to collect lead and targets will be placed eighty meters in front of the shooting stations, providing an optimal background for all the Shotgun events.  The background net will reach a height of 20 meters. “We really tried to maximize the sport presentation by placing the sport venue next to historical and meaningful buildings. It will be possible to rise up and down the net, for example during TV presentation, before the finals. It is going to be great for athletes, and spectacular for audience.” Explained Mr. Underhill.

Rifle and Pistol shooting venues:
New buildings will be constructed in front of the Woolwich Royal Artillery Barracks in order to host Rifle and Pistol events, The new venue will provide 60 lines for 50 meters events, 60 lines for 10 meters events, and 40 lines for 25 meters events. “A specific combined World Cup test-event should be conducted at the end of April 2012. Both at the test event and at the Games we are going to use sport-specific volunteers, people with a certain experience in the sport.” Said Mr. Underhill during his presentation. “The venues are intended to be temporary. After the Games, the constructions will be re-allocated for different usages. We are happy to announce that shooting is not going to be a stand-alone venue: Gymnastic and fencing events will take place in the same area.”

“Our shooters in the heart of the Games”
“We have seen the venues and followed the projects, and we agreed with them – commented the ISSF Secretary General Horst G. Schreiber – We are very happy that our athletes will be in the Olympic village, in the heart of the Olympics. We said no to a satellite village. We insisted on this point. We succeeded to be truly in the heart of the Games, to give a chance to our athletes to experience the real feeling of the Games.”

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