Max Treacy & Anthony Shanks qualify in Star class

In the exciting sub-plot of Olympic qualification it was Switzerland, Croatia, Ireland and Austria who secured the spots. The Japanese were the big losers on the day dropping out of contention from 2nd nation spot overnight, thus demonstrating what a volatile and difficult competition this was. Poland, Italy and Brazil secured the podium spots at the end of exciting, highly competitive and prestigious Star World Championships.

6th and final race, final standings
Max Treacy & Anthony Shanks, 26th, 91 points, overall 14th , Olympic qualification
Peter O’Leary & Stephen Milne, 1st, 97 points, overall 17th

Maurice ‘Prof’ O’Connell & Ben Cooke, 51st, 215 points, overall 49th .

Nations qualified already in the Star class for 2008 Olympics.

11 from 2007 worlds in Portugal, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, USA and the host China.

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