At the European Games, an exciting new format will be introduced, with the official launch of the Dynamic New Athletics (DNA).

Ireland will have fifteen athletes competing at any one time, with an additional six reserves named. The brand new format for athletics competitions has a strong focus on combined team effort. DNA is an effort to modernize traditional athletics, introducing team strategy into the mix, as well as an entertaining atmosphere and head-to-head contests.

It is a team competition where groups of six nations compete in ‘matches’ across four rounds of competition. The teams are mixed gender, and competitions are held in nine disciplines – six track events and three field events. Athletes can win medals individually in the nine disciplines, but their individual results also count towards the overall team tally.

The athletes who win individual disciplines earn 12 points for their team, and the runners-up earn 10 points each, and so forth, with each following place getting two points less. The final showdown between the top six teams determines the winner of the tenth, team medal.

In Minsk teams from 24 countries, made up of a total of 504 athletes, will take part in the DNA competition.

Competition takes place in the middle of the games with the Qualification Matches taking place on the 23rd June, the quarter finals on the 25th June, the semis on the 26th June and the final showdown occurring on the 28th June.

Amy O'Donoghue Pursuit Race Limerick 27/01/1994
Àndrew Mellon Mixed 4 x 400m Down 08/11/1995
Brandon Arrey Mixed 4 x 400m Dublin 18/07/1996
Catherine McManus Mixed 4 x 400m Dublin 09/05/1992
Ciara Deely Mixed 4 x 400m Kilkenny 28/03/2000
Conall Kirk Pursuit Antrim 06/01/1996
Gerard O'Donnell 110m H Leitrim 06/05/1988
Grace Casey Javelin Kildare 16/06/1999
Kelly McGrory Reserve Sligo 24/12/1996
Lily-Ann O Hora Reserve Limerick 30/11/1994
Luke Lennon-Ford Mixed 4 x 400m Dublin 05/05/1989
Nelvin Appiah High Jump Longford 29/10/2001
Niamh Whelan 100m Limerick 26/07/1990
Paul Byrne Reserve   18/04/1990
Paul White Pursuit Limerick 27/11/1995
Rolus Olusa Reserve Dublin 08/08/1996
Sarah Lavin 100m H Limerick 28/05/1994
Sinead Denny Mixed 4 x 400m Dublin 05/03/1991
Sophie Meredith Long Jump Limerick 12/04/2001
Stephen Gaffney 100m Dublin 07/10/1993
Victoria Harris Pursuit Race Westmeath 21/01/1996



ATHLETICS TEAM 23-Jun 12:04:00 Qualification Match 1
ATHLETICS TEAM 23-Jun 14:24:00 Qualification Match 2
ATHLETICS TEAM 23-Jun 17:44:00 Qualification Match 3
ATHLETICS TEAM 23-Jun 20:04:00 Qualification Match 4
ATHLETICS TEAM 25-Jun 14:04:00 Quarter Final Match 1
ATHLETICS TEAM 25-Jun 17:44:00 Quarter Final Match 2
ATHLETICS TEAM 25-Jun 20:04:00 Quarter Final Match 3
ATHLETICS TEAM 26-Jun 17:44:00 Semi Final Match 1
ATHLETICS TEAM 26-Jun 20:04:00 Semi Final Match 2
ATHLETICS TEAM 28-Jun 18:04:00 Final





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