Mixed Team Golf

Team Ireland golfers Kevin Le Blanc and Olivia Mehaffey will play in the Mixed Team Event.





We are awaiting the draw sheet.

The entry list can be accessed here http://result.nanjing2014.org/IRS/resYO2014/pdf/YO2014/GO/YO2014_GO_C32C_GOX400000.pdf

The competition schedule can be accessed here http://result.nanjing2014.org/IRS/resYO2014/pdf/YO2014/GO/YO2014_GO_C08_GO0000000.pdf


Mixed Team event format

Teams are made up of one male and one female player. Players are primarily from the same NOC, but if not possible, can be from different NOCs. They will be grouped with a different team for rounds 1 and 2, and then there will be a seeded draw for round 3, with the leading teams teeing off last.

The Mixed Team event will be all stroke play as follows:

First round: foursome (pairs of players play as partners, and each pair plays a single ball, taking alternating strokes. The IGF Event Delegate will stipulate the tees to be used by men and women.)

Second round: four-ball (pairs of players play as partners, with each playing their own ball. The lower score of the partners is the score for the hole. If one partner fails to complete a hole, there is no penalty. The IGF Event Delegate will stipulate the tees to be used by men and women.)

Third round: individual men and individual women.

Team event is played over 72 holes (4 rounds x18 holes).

The team score is the addition of the first and the second rounds as well as individual scores achieved by the men (third round) and women (fourth round). The team that has the lowest cumulative score for the three rounds is the winner.




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