Olympic Debrief Report Published

The 2012 Olympic Games debrief documents report a marked improvement in the performance of the Irish team over recent Games and a general consensus that the management of performance sport has progressed substantially since 2008.

The Debrief was prepared by UK-based consultants Knight Kavanagh Page on behalf of the Irish Sports Council. It carried out individual debriefs for each of the 15 national governing bodies involved.

There was a focus on the performances in London, the impact of plans & preparations on that performance, the interaction of the various agencies involved and the support provided by the governing bodies of the different sports.

The report contains an executive summary which includes a series of generic recommendations for the overall system.

This is followed by individual chapters for each of the fifteen National Governing Bodies of sport which conclude with a set of sport-specific recommendations.

Knight Kavanagh Page carried out the work following an open tender process.

It interviewed 122 people across the 15 sports including the OCI, sports councils and sports institutes.

The press release , executive summary and full report can be accessed at:



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