Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world.

It became an official Olympic sport in Barcelona 1992. The competition in Tokyo 2020 will consist of men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

A match consists of best-of-three games, with the first player or pair to reach 21 points winning the game. If the score is 20-all, the side that gains a two-point lead wins that game. If the difference is less than two, the game continues until the two-point difference is achieved. If the score gets to 29-all, the side that reaches 30 first wins the game.

Sonya McGinn represented Team Ireland in Sydney 200 whilst Scott Evans and Chloe Magee are 3 time Olympics having competed in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016

The National Governing body for Badminton is Badminton Ireland  and the International federation is the Badminton World Federation where you can find more information

National Federation: Badminton Ireland

International Federation: Badminton World Federation





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