Team Ireland

Team Ireland produced its best results since the Melbourne Games in 1956. Many agencies are involved behind the scenes  all trying to assist the National Federations , there athletes and support staff in their quest to be the best they can at European , World and Olympic Level. Ireland finished in the top 41 of 204 Nations who competed in the London Games.

Each has a distinctive role to play, and through the London Technical Group the Olympic Council , the Institutes of Sport, and the Sports Councils have worked under the radar to provide the best possible support over the past 4 years.

In short: ISC: funding and management for high performance plans and athlete carding system, IIS: management of science, medical, coaching and athlete support programmes, and OCI: operational planning and management of the team  for Olympic Competition.

Whilst the Olympic Council have the responsibility in this area for summer games , it also has the responsibility during this four year cycle to manage european youth olympics , world youth games, and a winter games. The preparation for each  includes many aspects. For London this included some of the following key areas:

The Long List data capture of Athletes & Support Personnel likeley to be part of the Olympic Team: sizing, photographs, performance data, and accreditation details

Olympic qualification agreements for the London Games

Team Members Agreements for Olympic Competition

Duties & Descriptions/ roles and responsibilities for Team Support Personnel

Team Seminars, conferences, media recces, training camp recces

Open and transparent communication across all sports agencies

Team building and development of an Olympic team spirit

Establishing excellent relations with LOCOG

Involvement in LOCOG Test events 2011/12

Identification and policies in place to cope with key pressure points

Team app innovation with a specialised private Olympic section pre, during and post games advice

Establishment of Pre Games training camps in London, Broxbourne and Weymouth

Assembling the Team Handbook and Olympic Games Team Website

Working with our sponsors to raise the profile of Olympic athletes through their activation programmes

Supporting the Olympic documentaries

Management of a Team and individual athlete scholarships

Priority list of performance support using exchangeable transfers to maximize accreditations

Visits before games: Chef de Mission Seminars/ Media & Medical visits/team leader, support staff, athlete commission visits

Ensuring the best possible Clothing , ceremony, village, training and performance gear

Establishing a Clothing distribution plan

Launching of ASICS Clothing

Announcement of Olympic Team (Main Event & Preliminary)

Expectation management

Pre Delegation Registration meetings with LOCOG & team registration July 2012

Flight Scheduling

External Accommodation in London, Weymouth, Broxbourne

Team Arrivals policy

Team Departure and Return policy

Communications at the Games (Phones / Radios / Computers, social media operational plan)

Internal/External transportation and general Games time transport policy

Village Office, Performance Medicine support and Press set up

Medical Equipment for training bases and villages

Liaison with LOCOG polyclinic

Medical Information (documentation required)

Anti-Doping issues + TUE’s and athlete whereabouts administration

Olympic Villages accommodation set up

Creating a positive performance environment

Additional apartments London, Weymouth, Broxbourne for non accredited performance support expertise (psychology/nutrition/metoerology, personal coaches)

Managing the VIP Visits and Protocol for visits at Games time

Athlete family and friend tickets and distribution

During the Games management support on performance, medical and media issues to ensure focus on performance

Putting the athlete first



London provided great inspiration for our young athletes and is another important milestone in the development of a world class system for our summer and winter youth Olympians and Olympians.


Next up the summer and winter European Youth Olympics (2013 and 2015), World Youth Olympics (2014) , the 2014 Sochi Winter Games and of course Rio 2016.






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