The Design Story of Team Ireland’s Official Wear Collection

This summer at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Team Ireland athletes will feature in LW Pearl formal wear in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The partnership will feature the best of Irish athletes in the best of Irish design, created and manufactured by New York based Dubliner, Laura Weber.


Above all Laura wanted the Irish Olympians to look and feel great in their formal wear. The Opening Ceremony comprises athletes sailing down the Seine along with the boats of every other representative country.

Laura started designing in 2021. She investigated the archives from Olympic clothing history dating back to the 1920’s, highlighting the looks and cultural references. She wanted all counties represented in the designs. She combined the designs with performance fabrics and clothing patterns to reflect an athletic aesthetic.

The Looks
Laura designed –

  • The Opening Ceremony suits and trainers for all athletes
  • The Closing Ceremony jackets
  • The Olympic Federation of Ireland Executive Suits
  • Hospitality Team Uniforms.

The Material
Laura used ECO-Hybrid taffeta; a fabric formally used on luxury clothing. ECO-Hybrid is a patented and sustainable fabric. The fabric is manufactured using recycled T-shirts and PET bottles. It features a soft touch, sand washed finish, water wicking, and moisture permeable fabric. She is proud to have taken a sustainable approach, that speaks to a broader commitment of challenging her design practice to reflect the constraints of limited environmental resources and impact.


Notes by Laura on the Designs &  Embellishments of Each Garment

Women’s Jacket Design.

The silhouette for Team Ireland is inspired by the traditional double breasted sporting jacket. As creative director, I envisioned that the women would wear sharp tailoring, and the double-breasted tuxedo style was a smart option for canvased lapels, shoulder pads, and double buttons down the front. It’s a striking silhouette that radiates power. I also kept true to the full motion muscular athletes require by using a raglan sleeve typical of a footballer’s jersey.

Men’s Jacket Design.
For the men, I chose a similar look – a double breasted jacket, and remixed it with a bomber jacket length and the cuts of a high-performance track jacket. We also looked at the traditional trench coat for the cuffs and lapels shapes.
Looking to add formal elements, I added symphony ticket pockets that can carry a smartphone, and classic flapped pockets to finish the modern look.
Through the tech fabrics permeability, and the use of open-back vents across the athletes’ backs, and mesh linings, we ensure each athlete remains comfortable and cool throughout their monumental experience.
To also help with body temperature control, we added metal eyelet grommets to allow air flow through the arms and body.

Matched Tailored Pant Design
I designed pants made from the ECO-Hybrid tech-fabric. The transparent mesh panels make for a sporty aesthetic to a traditional suiting style. I also added a tuxedo stripe and sport piping down the sides. This gave me the opportunity to design a plaid horsehair textile known to be used in Irish suiting, and an added patriotic element of a patina green, white ivory and reddish-orange duchess satin silk to symbolise the colours of the island. We muted these tones with a pastel colour palette so that the entire look would be elegant and timeless.

Women’s Pant Design
Chic Cigarette cut, women’s cropped hem, Inseam Zipper Opening for flared wear, Ample Pocketing, Airflow metal eyelet grommets, Elasticated Waist & Drawstring with Bullet tip finish

Men’s Pant Design
Modern Tapered Jogger with Ankle Ribbed Hem, Men’s Inseam Gusset with Football flat-lock stitching, and deep patch pockets, and back yoke for comfort.

Unisex Knit Top
The knit top is made as a unisex fit, to allow for gender fluidity and muscular proportions. I looked for a cashmere alternative, and landed on a brushed 100% cotton yarn that is soft to the touch and breathable. With Ireland being known for its landscape, we created a colour a blue sky and green grass landscape of Ireland’s fields and valleys. It’s our nod to one of the best parts of travelling Ireland and hints of the country’s nostalgia. We also design the sleeve patterns similar to a footballer’s kit jersey for wing-span and comfort for broad shoulders.

I custom-made the tennis shoe to incorporate vintage sporting elements and modern vulcanized layers of rubber for strength, giving depth to their shape and form. I was inspired by classic turf sports and the leatherwork of antique sports equipment. I created a shoe from sourced Nappa leather, Premium Calfskin leather, and finished with brogue waxed laces. I used Buckthorn brown leather to unite the look with reddish-orange tones, that are traditional to Ireland and classically used in horse riding equipment.  I add an embossed leather charm in the shape of a shamrock for the athletes to carry as a memento of the event.


The sleeve is adorned with an embroidered patch representing the county emblem of each Olympian. As designers we interpreted the emblems, and through beads, sequins and stones, we embellished our response to them. This is easily one of my favourite parts of the uniforms. I expertly design customary work, and this element gives each athlete that feeling of uniqueness and personalization.

We were thrilled with the abundance of iconography to draw from Ireland’s rich history provides for beautiful framed imagery.

Country Patch
Across the back of each Athletes jacket, sits an embroidered tweed ‘Ireland’ patch made of tufted thread surrounded by cross stitches. We chose these techniques to give the impression of grass, incorporating the textural landscape of Ireland. We also created a radial colour gradient to give the piece extra dimensions and expression.

Shamrock Brooch
Keeping with tradition, the brooch is made up of four embroidered shamrock petals to create an organic shamrock bundle and of course, to bring each athlete luck upon starting their journey.

Jacket Buttons
The jacket buttons are 5mm luxe-weight, gold plated mother of pearl buttons.

Strap and Clasps
The jacket clasp that runs across the centre torso is made of high precision metal and its design is inspired from the formula 1 racing belt.  The added adjustability allows the Athlete to wear the jacket open to their comfort. We felt this was an important design feature to add an additional sport element to the traditional blazer.

Closing Ceremony Jacket
The jacket for the closing ceremony was designed to the style of a vintage 80s and 90s tracksuit. Known to be worn by gymnasts, track stars, and boxers, the oversized warm up jacket is made for relief after a performance and during the award ceremony.

I wanted the athletes to feel really comfortable and confident for the closing ceremony. The strapping around the front neck forms the sides of a star, so that when the athlete wears their medal, it completes the full star. Wherever the points rank, these Athletes are our country’s stars. The journey and their accomplishments are measurable to just that. Our thought process was that the medal is framed with intentionality and reinforces the momentous moment for the Olympians.

On the inside facing of all jackets both Opening and Closing Ceremony, we’ve placed the name of the athlete, emphasising our desire for customary elements. Again, a small touch, to make the Athletes a part of the making process, and letting them know, they own this garment, as our thank you to them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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