The Podiums of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games | Revealed

Since 1932 and the Olympic Games in Lake Placid (winter) and Los Angeles (summer), the podium has been an integral part of the victory ceremony.

The podium is the ultimate symbol of performance and celebration. For Olympic and Paralympic athletes, stepping onto the podium is an achievement. It is the conclusion of a long journey, a testament to their sporting achievement, and a moment that remains etched in their memory.

By partnering in the production of the podiums with Paris 2024, P&G reaffirms its commitment to supporting athletes’ performance and preparation for these Games.


A design inspired by the work of Gustave Eiffel

Paris 2024 wanted to create continuity between the medal and the podium, these two symbols of performance that define the identity of the Games and the pride of the host country. The design of the Olympic and Paralympic podiums is directly inspired by the metal lace of the Eiffel Tower, which is also found in other Gustave Eiffel’s works such as the bridges. The lines and curves that adorn their façade are an extension of the metal arches that make the work of Gustave Eiffel unique and its association with Paris and France worldwide. The gray surface of the podium refers to the famous Parisian rooftops, taking the medallists to the skies above Paris in a symbolic way. The choice of sober colors (gray and off-white) and a sleek design aims to harmonise the podium with the colorful and festive Look of the Games, as well as the colors of the official uniforms of each delegation. An initial illustration is provided with the visual accompanying this unveiling, featuring three Paralympic athletes from the French Team (Mandy François-Elie and Charles-Antoine Kouakou in Para athletics, Solène Sache in Para swimming) wearing the outfit that the French athletes will wear on the podium, signed by Le Coq Sportif, Official Partner of the Paris 2024 Games.

The modular design of the podiums with interlocking modules for different configurations (individual or team Olympic/Paralympic events) allows for a limited number of podiums to be produced (68 podiums in total).

Paralympic podium: same design and single level

Designed with the same concept as the Olympic podium, a constant since the 2012 London Games, the Paralympic podium stands out for its single-level configuration. The gold medallist(s) stands in the center, behind a raised facade. A lateral ramp with a slight incline (5%) facilitates accessibility.

Manufactured in France using French wood and 100% recycled plastic.

From design to manufacturing and assembly, the podiums reflect Paris 2024’s commitment to promoting “Made in France” and the expertise of local French companies. Thus, the podiums are made from French wood and 100% recycled plastic in France. The transformation of this plastic into panels was done by a social and solidarity economy (SSE) enterprise based in Seine-Saint-Denis, leading to the production of the wooden structure and assembly by enterprises located in Île-de-France.

Key figures: 

68 Olympic and Paralympic podiums (45 Olympic podiums and 23 Paralympic podiums)

23 types of modules to cover all configurations (individual and team events)

685 modules (640 + 45 replacement modules) produced in total during the Olympic and Paralympic Games period

Shortest podium: 3 modules used (individual event), measuring 4 meters long

Longest podium: 43 modules used (Football), measuring 40 meters long

Average weight of a module: 45kg

Height of the Paralympic podium: one level at 20 cm

Height of the Olympic podium: one level at 20 cm (silver and bronze medalists), one level at 35 cm (gold medalist)

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