Triathlon prepare for busy weekend

Its been a busy the last 2 days since Team Ireland Triathlon arrived in Baku.

Led by Technical Director Tommy Evans, the focus has been on course familiarisation and coach and athlete briefing.

There are some uncertainties around the swim due to possible problems with the wind which could effect the currents.

Evans said " The swim has 2 sections of running and diving due to the shallow water for the first 80 meters with 2 laps and the run to transition there is almost an additional 600 meters of running before the bike. Conditions are very very warm and will play a high factor on Saturday and Sunday".

He added, " Today our athletes got to pick their start position on the pontoon 1-48 in the ladies race and 1-58 in the men's.Aileen being ranked number 1 got first choice which can be an advantage as their may be a variation of 4-5 meters from one end of the pontoon to the next  The 2 boys have ended up in the middle of the pontoon for their race "

Pictured Aileen Reid, Tommy Evans Technical Director), Martin Loughran (Physio)Russell White, Aaron O'Brien, and Lynne Algar (Coach)

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