Breaking – Olympic Qualification Ranking Points Up For Grabs in Brazil

The new Olympic sport of breaking will finally make a Games debut at Paris 2024. But first, the B-Boys and B-Girls have to qualify.

Their journey continues in Rio de Janeiro this weekend (14th-15th of April). The Carioca Arena in the Olympic Park of the Brazilian city will see the top athletes bringing their best moves to the dance floor on 14th and 15th April 2023 as part of the Breaking for Gold World Series.

It’s the second Breaking for Gold World Series event of the year, after the first one held in Kitakyushu, Japan. They’re crucial stepping-stones for the athletes. They can earn ranking points that count towards the Breaking for Gold rankings, of which the top 14 in each gender advance to next year’s Olympic Qualifier Series with Paris 2024 berths on offer.

Leon Dwyer, Irish Breaking National Champion

Leon Dwyer, current Irish National Breaking Champion is travelling this week to earn his spot. Dwyer, will be competing against the world’s best on stage in Rio de Janeiro to gain ranking points and put him in contention for Olympic qualification.

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