Dealing with the post Games period

The Institute of Sport has initiated their post-Games support process through the Institute’s Athlete Performance Transition Programme. Through the London 2012 Technical Group partnership with the OCI, the programme was available in the Olympic Village for those who wished to have an initial debriefing prior to returning home.

It works by offering a series of combined supports designed to assist athletes as they adjust to key challenges during the post-Games period. These supports include:

  • Psychological Debriefing
  • Medical Assessment
  • Career & Education Advice
  • Media & Sponsorship Advice
  • Peer to Peer Support Networking
  • Athlete Mentorship

It is designed to support athletes as they adjust to their games experience.

Ken Egan is an ambassador and advocate of the programme , "Managing success after the Games was a real challenge for me and I learned the hard way how to find my path again. Many athletes struggle with their post-Games transition and I am working with the Institute to help make sure that the right advice, support and guidance are there for you. Get in touch and get involved, we're here to provide a helping hand."

Deirdre Lyons, IIS Coordinator, Athlete Performance Transition Programme said ‘The Athlete Performance Transition Programme offers experts from a wide range of disciplines, centrally coordinated to deliver a unique form of athlete support. The post-Games period is not to be under-estimated and we are keen to support athletes as they adjust to demands during this period.’

Prior to the Games the OCI highighted at various seminars and conferences- a number of issues that could have a negative effect on Games performance, and worked with Team leaders and support staff and agencies to ensure they were being addressed.

  • Roles and Responsibilities:  to be identified for and communicated to all team members (i.e. Managers, coaches, athletes, support personnel)
  • Communication & Technologies (i.e. Twitter/Facebook Blogs)  within the sport/team and externally
  • Olympic Games Environment: rooming arrangements/noise: village life/distractions: level of competition; routine/schedules: recreation/down time plans:
  • Relationships: within each sport and Team Ireland: friends and family: other external factors (i.e. media etc)
  • Managing Expectation: dealing with the media
  •  First time Olympians: both athletes, coaches, managers and other support staff
  •  Accreditation: coaches/managers: medical/science support staff and continuity of care
  •  Post Competition: transition/debrief

 Stephen Martin , OCI Chief Executive said, "Both the pre and post programmes have and are providing a more positive performance environment leading into the Games, and a better support network for transition post Games"






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