LISTEN: Emma Austin Reacts to 35th in Slalom Run 1

A good clean first run in the Slalom for Emma Austin netted a 35th place ranking with 51.66 seconds as she moves into the second run later today. This is the fifth day of competition for Team Ireland at the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, and both Irish athletes will be in action today.

Austin started today’s competition as 51st starter in the seeded first run, and was happy with her race, and relieved to be in a strong position in the second run later today.

Speaking after her race she said, “I was hoping I could do a little better, but it is what it is. I had an okay run, I had quite a few spots where I got really behind. The course is extremely demanding. I’m happy I finished because five girls after me didn’t so I’m happy I got down and I have a second run. Now that I have a full run under my feet for the first time in this Olympics, I’m excited and ready to get going.

“They set the course as turny as humanly possible. Basically, there’s not much space in between the gates, and there’s really bad offset, meaning they are on opposite sides of the hill pretty much. I was watching the live feed before I went out for my run and a bunch of the top girls were really struggling. So, I knew what to look out for and I tried my best, but it’s definitely very turny and very demanding.

“It was advantageous for me to be able to sit in the lodge and watch and see what to look out for because I definitely needed to know, otherwise I would have gone into that course totally attacking and not thinking about anything.”

Next on the course is Matt Ryan in his first run, wearing bib number 25. His competition commences at 10:00 Irish time.





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