European Games Baku 2015 Sport Qualification Systems

We are pleased to attach the Sports Qualification Documents (version 1.0) for 16 of the sports which are confirmed for the inaugural European Games in Baku 2015.

These documents may be liable to some small changes and clarifications by the European Federations and we will inform you of these as they happen.

Update: Please click the link below to see a summary of changes to the Qualification Standards (as of 29.04.2014) BEGOC Sport Qualification – Version 2.0 – Summary of Amendments

Update: Please click  the link below to see a summary of changes to the Qualification Standards (as of 22.09.2014) BEGOC Sport Qualification – Version 2.1 – Summary of Amendments

As you will note, the sports competitions at the European Games will attract the elite athletes throughout Europe and we are pleased to inform you that the following sports have confirmed Rio Olympic qualification from the 2015 Baku European Games.


– Shooting – 15 places for Rio 2016 awarded to the winner of each individual event

– Triathlon – The winner of the men’s and women’s event will qualify for Rio 2016

– Table Tennis – The winner of the men’s and women’s event will qualify for Rio 2016

– Beach Volleyball – Ranking points available for Rio 2016

– Cycling – Ranking points available for Rio 2016

– Taekwondo – Ranking points available for Rio 2016

– Swimming – Qualification standards


There are three Sports Qualification Systems awaiting finalisation and we expect to have them published before the end of February.


A full briefing, to all our National Federations involved, on all matters pertaining to the First European Games in Baku 2015 is arranged for 6th March next.


It is great news that so many sports have Rio Olympic Qualification from the European Games and we expect that as many as 10 sports will have Olympic Qualification possibilities.


The First European Games celebrated 500 days to go yesterday 28th January and we can look forward to a fantastic European Games in Baku 2015, where preparations are progressing rapidly.


We hope to have a large Irish Team as part of the anticipated 6,500 athletes from all of Europe, performing in as many sports as possible in Baku 2015.


Baku 2015 European Games Qualification System Principles Preamble

BEGOC Sport Qualification AQ v2.2

BEGOC Sport Qualification Archery

BEGOC Sport Qualification Basketball 3×3

BEGOC Sport Qualification Badminton

BEGOC Sport Qualification Beach Soccer

BEGOC Sport Qualification – BX v2.1

BEGOC Sport Qualification Canoe Sprint

BEGOC Sport Qualification Cycling

BEGOC Sport Qualification FE v2.0

BEGOC Sport Qualification Gymnastics

BEGOC Sport Qualification Judo

BEGOC Sport Qualification Karate

BEGOC Sport Qualification SH v2.1

BEGOC Sport Qualification Taekwondo

BEGOC Sport Qualification Triathlon

BEGOC Sport Qualification TT v2.1

BEGOC Sport Qualification Volleyball

BEGOC Sport Qualification WR v2.0

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