Irish Physiotherapist’s key role in Sochi

Ireland’s  Dr Marie-Elaine Grant’s has arrived in Sochi and will be playing a key role in the International Olympic Committee’s Medical Commission (Games Group), for the Sochi Games. Marie- Elaine is responsible for monitoring all physiotherapy activities and facilities at the three Olympic villages and all sport venues.

Marie Elaine has on going responsibility for providing the Medical and Scientific Department of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne with guidelines on the organisation of physiotherapy services for Olympic Games and is now the contact person for the IOC for all issues related to physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Dr Grant has served as Chief Physiotherapist to the Irish Olympic teams for five consecutive Olympic Games commencing with the 1992 Barcelona Olympics through to the 2008 Beijing Games.

She has also served with the Irish Winter Olympic teams in Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010 as well as 10 European Youth Olympic teams.

Grant will meet the Irish team in he Mountain Village in the coming days and with in particular Aidan Woods Team Ireland’s Head physiotherapist.

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