Indeed Career Coach March Dates Announced

Last month we announced the official launch of the Indeed Career Coach programme, which was designed to assist elite athletes in developing skills for life outside sport.

Today the dates for the March 2021 and October 2021 sessions have been revealed. The sessions are broken into two parts - career skills and practical skills, detailed below.

Athletes on the long list for the Tokyo and Beijing Games will be emailed with the registration links for these sessions in the coming days:

Career By Design22 March 10am (3h)18 Oct 10am (3h)
Communication and Storytelling23 March 10am (1h)19 Oct 10am (1h)
Emotional intelligence at work24 March 10am (3h)20 Oct 10am (3h)
CV Workshop29 March 10am (1h)26 Oct 10am (1h)
Start your job search on Indeed30 March 10am (1h)27 Oct 10am (1h)
Interview Workshop31 March 10am (1h)28 Oct 10am (1h)
Schedule of Indeed Career Coach courses for 2021

Career Skills: Career by Design

22 March - 10am (3h)

Career Skills: Career by Design
This is a workshop will help you think deeper about direction of your career after sports. Prior to the workshop, you will complete an exercise that will help you connect your values, motivations, and strengths in order to develop a career vision. During the workshop, you will turn your career vision into an actionable plan and leave with concrete steps to achieve it.

Learning Objective: Identify a career goal and craft an action plan that you
can use throughout your career journey.

Career Skills: Emotional Intelligence

24 March - 10am (3h)

Course Description:
This is a workshop for athletes to familiarize themselves with the Emotional Intelligence framework. During the workshop, they will take a self assessment to gauge their current level of EI and apply techniques learned to everyday situations. They will leave with a few quick tips that will help improve their EI skills holistically to achieve healthier work and life relationships.

Learning Objective:
Identify your current level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and apply techniques to common work/life scenarios in order to achieve healthier relationships with yourself and others.

Career Skills: Communication & Storytelling

23 March - 10am (3h)

Learning Objective:

This workshop will help you understand the structure of great storytelling and how to craft your own narrative to enhance your personal brand. During this workshop you will learn the structure of great stories, how to deliver your story with credibility and how to manage media interactions for maximum impact.

Learning Objective: Identify your personal brand narrative and structure a powerful story to connect with the public.

Practical Skills: CV Workshop

29 March - 10am (1h)

Put your best foot forward - on paper - thanks to this workshop, designed to ensure your CV will get you on the home straight.

Practical Skills: How to Use Indeed

30 March - 10am (1h)

Learn all the tips and tricks how to use platform when searching for jobs to cut through the noise, find your focus and keep on the right track to success.

Practical Skills: Interview Workshop

31 March - 10am (1h)

Once you made it this far - learn how to cross the finish line. This workshop will teach you all you need to arrive prepared and ready.




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