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This week sees ITTF Tutor Mr. Ahmed Dawlatly in Dublin for  a 5 day coach development course leading to the ITTF Level One qualification for successful candidates. 17 coaches from all four provinces are in attendance for this challenging programme, which will improve all of them as coaches. All are active coaches across all strands of the game from participation to high performance and the players under their supervision will also benefit from the skills and knowledge acquired by them over the five days of the course. The course was formally opened by Mr.Joe Hickey, ITTA President and Stephen Martin OCI Chief Executive.


The ITTF International Coaching course is being held in Dublin from Tuesday 29th October until Saturday, 2ndNovember, 2013

The 5 day programme is the first step on the international coaching qualification ladder. International expert from the African Table Tennis Association, Mr. Ahmed Dawlatly is the course tutor.

The course this week is funded by Olympic Solidarity and ITTA President Joe Hickey  thanked Stephen and the Olympic Council of Ireland for supporting our bid to host this course.



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He also recognised the Coaching Director of the ITTA, Arthur Brett. Arthur is deserving of appreciation for his work in arranging this course and also for the significant impact he has had on our coaching activities in Ireland since taking on the role only 18months ago.

The ITTA Chief Operations Officer Darren Coombes, was also thanked for his work in pursuing this opportunity over several months and indeed in making the arrangements for the event.

Hickey said “To everyone who is taking part in the course, let me thank you in advance for making the sacrifices necessary to attend. I am sure that at the conclusion of the 5 days here, all of you will regard it as having been well worthwhile. You know far better than I do, that the development of a successful table tennis player requires many personal skills and attributes.  I am sure that you would all agree that even the most talented, the most determined,the most dedicated of players would find it impossible to succeed without a sound technique or,to put it another way, access to good coaching.

That is what this course is about. After your time here, you will return to your clubs and provinces with greatly enhanced knowledge of the skills necessary to coachtable tennis. The knowledge you acquire will have a huge impact, not only on yourselves and the players you will coach directly,but also on other coaches and players around the country, who will look to you as role models of best practice. I would therefore urge everyone to give their full commitment to this course. Write notes, where possible, throughout the day and indeed in the evening. Consider what you have learned during the day. Consider how you might apply what you have learned. Ask questions and discuss it amongst yourselves as the week progresses.

When you return to your clubs and provinces,be generous in sharing your new found knowledge with peoplewho were not fortunate enough to be a part of this great coaching week. If you do all of that, I strongly believe that your work here over the next 5 days, will have a profound impact on the development of table tennis in Ireland  for years to come”




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