Olympic Federation of Ireland seeks ban of Olympic Committees of Russia and Belarus

The Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI) today (1 March 2022) welcomed the recent decisive action taken by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but also called for them to consider the further step of an outright ban of the Russian and Belarussian National Olympic Committees.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and Belarus, besides being a flagrant breach of international law, is a breach of the Olympic truce which was agreed as part of the UN resolution of December 2021 and warrants a decisive response from all parts of the Olympic community.

Speaking today on behalf of the Executive Committee and staff, OFI President Sarah Keane, said,

“The values of the Olympic movement are intrinsically linked with peace and understanding between the peoples of the world. Our thoughts at this difficult time are with the people of Ukraine, including their athletes and all within the Olympic family. In response to this breach of the Olympic truce, we have requested that the IOC consider the further step of banning the National Olympic Committees of Russia and Belarus.”

The actions taken by the IOC to date are as follows:

24 Feb:  IOC Condemns the Breach of the Olympic Truce HERE

25 Feb: IOC Urges IFs to Relocate or Cancel Sports in Russia or Belarus


28 Feb: IOC Recommends No Participation of Russian and Belarussian Athletes & Officials


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