Role Models – Eimear Lambe, Olympic Bronze Medallist

Dare to Believe ambassador and Tokyo Olympic Bronze Medallist Eimear Lambe understands the importance of having role models. The Dublin rower who became an Olympic medallist in Tokyo when she finished third in the final of the Women’s Four with teammates Aifric Keogh, Fiona Murtagh and Emily Hegarty, explains how there is no one way to win a medal, and how a role model can come in many forms.

“Growing up I was constantly comparing myself to other amazing athletes, and I had them on pedestals and I would consider them these infallible people.”

“But I think what’s really important for people to see is that ordinary people really can do extraordinary things.”

Eimear Lambe, Olympic Medallist

The Dare to Believe schools programme is sponsored by Team Ireland sponsor Permanent TSB, and a key element of the programme is athletes telling their story to school children.

“So I feel like having the opportunity to come to a school and just tell my story and let people know there are ups and downs to it. I wasn’t born this big athlete, it took a long journey. Hopefully they can find inspiration in it, and see that maybe their path isn’t as straightforward as they hoped it would be, but it doesn’t mean they can’t do amazing things.”

To find out more about the programme head to where teachers can register for the programme which is delivered in both primary and secondary schools.

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