The Archery Olympic programme consists of a men’s and women’s individual competition as well as a men’s and women’s team event and a mixed team event.

A modernised version was reintroduced to the games at Munich 1972 and it has remained on the Olympic programme ever since. At the 1976 Games, James Conroy competed for Ireland.

The individual competition starts with a ranking round on the day of the Opening ceremony. All 64 men and women shoot 72 arrows and are then ranked from 1st to 64th based on their total scores. They then compete in pairs based on their rankings, with the first ranked archer facing off the against the 64th ranked archer, the 2nd ranked archer against the 63rd ranked and so on. These individual elimination matches see the loser leave the competition and the winner advance to the next phase, until two athletes remain to contest the gold-medal match. The two semi-final losers compete for bronze.

The National Governing Body for Archery is Archery Ireland  and the International Federation is World Archery where you can find more information.

National Federation: Archery Ireland

International Federation: World Archery





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