Karate will make its debut appearance at the Summer Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan and will feature two types of events, Kumite and Kata.

Sixty competitors from around the world will compete in the Kumite competition and twenty will compete in the Kata competition. Both divisions of the competition will be split 50/50 between men and women.

In Kumite or combat, the winner of the three-minute fights is the athlete (karateka) who obtains a clear lead of eight points, or the karetaka who has the highest number of points at time-up. If the fight is a draw, then the winner is determined by the first unopposed point advantage (Senshu) or in the case of a scoreless result, by a majority decision of the judges (Hantei). Points are scored according to correctly-executed techniques of controlled punches, strikes and kicks.

In Kata, karetaka execute a set of pre-approved choreographed movements, with the winner being declared by a pool of judges using an electronic voting system. Karateka are evaluated according to technical and athletic performances.





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