WEBINAR: New Dare To Believe TY Programme

Over the past twelve months over 77,000 primary school children have engaged with the programme which has adapted to the globally changing environment. Since 2020 Dare to Believe has included hugely popular virtual challenges such as the Road to Tokyo, as well as a successful collaboration with RTÉ’s Home School Hub. Dare to Believe is an interactive ‘Five Ring’ curriculum teaching students about Olympics values such as respect, friendship and striving for excellence, and includes a classroom visit from a Team Ireland ambassador.

The secondary school curriculum is based on the same principles and has been developed in conjunction with teachers and explores important topics through the lens of sport. Aimed primarily at Transition Year students, topics that are addressed range from the positive impact of sport on society as a whole and well-being, to important topics such as respect, equality and hate speech, through the ‘Don’t Scroll By’ module. The curriculum encourages dialogue around key subjects such as mental health and racism.

The expansion of the programme includes 15 exciting new ambassadors who will deliver their story to classrooms, imparting insights on their sporting journey and sharing tips on how to deal with challenges, demonstrating examples of their resilience. The ambassadors range from Olympic hopefuls to Olympic and Paralympic medallists, including Olympic Champion Kellie Harrington, Olympic bronze medallists Aifric Keogh and Eimear Lambe and Paralympic silver medallist Nicole Turner.

Who is it for?

The TY modular programme is designed for secondary schools looking for a new way to engage students in an interdisciplinary wellness and life skills programme that is based on the Olympic Values of healthy mind & body, respect, joy of effort, courage, equality & excellence. The curriculum aligns with the Key Skills and indicators of Wellbeing and learning outcomes for Transition Year including being personally effective, communication, critical and creative thinking and information processing. The programme successfully bridges the gap from practical Junior Cycle PE to Leaving Cert PE that includes theory in addition to practical. In addition, the curriculum will show sport’s impact on social, environmental and economic issues at local, national and global levels. 

Join us on August 30th for a free webinar which will take you through everything you need to know on the new Dare to Believe TY Programme curriculum. We’ll dive into everything that is included and give you a sense of how easy it is for teachers to use. Joining us will be two teachers who have tested the programme, they will give a sense of how it was implemented into their own TY programme. Register for the free webinar by clicking the link below.

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