Chinese NOC in Howth

Ambassador Liu Biwei joined a Chinese Olympic Delegation this morning at Olympic House in Howth.

OCI Vice-President Willie O’Brien welcomed the delegation as part of their recent visit to London 2012 , one year to go celebrations.



Mr Liu Peng with OCI Vice President Willie O’Brien

The OCI have an NOC agreement in place with China which encourages high level exchanges with key sports officials. The Chinese Olympic Committee President Mr Liu Peng paid tribute to Pat Hickey for his role within the Olympic Sport and made reference to Lord Killanin who back in the 1979, when IOC President, welcomed China back into the Olympic Movement. He said that China have very good relations with Ireland and paid tribute to those who have encouraged the development of diplomatic and sporting relations between the two countries.

Olympic Gold Medallist Michael Carruth joins OCI’s Dermot Sherlock and Peadar Casey, Ambassador Liu Biwei, Mr Liu Peng Chinese Olympic Committee President and guests.

During the visit the delegation were given a demonstration of some of the forthcoming technical innovations included in the European Olympic Committee’s new “go play today” youth well being initiative.

The programme will be trialled in Ireland, the UK, and Italy from September, proudly sponsored by Samsung.

Niall Austin demonstrates the digital innovation, part of the EOC’s Samsung sponsored “go play today” innitiative


Ambassador Liu Biwei with Niall Austin, Michael Carruth, Willie O’Brien, Stephen Martin, and Dermot Sherlock. Mr O’Brien paid tribute to the Ambassador for his support of the Irish delegations engagements in China prior to and during the Beijing Olympic Games. Ambassador Biwei will be soon be departing Ireland.

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