Club Olympian Plaque Scheme

Club Olympian Plaque Scheme

As part of our celebrations to mark 100 years of Team Ireland at the Olympic Games 1924 – 2024, clubs can now apply to have the Olympic rings feature on their club house wall, alongside the name and details of their Olympian(s).

Team Ireland has commissioned a special commemorative design to mark each of the Games since 1924, containing the name of the Games, the athlete and the event they competed in. Olympic medalists are commemorated with a band marking the colour of their medal.

In certain cases, the Team Ireland crest, including the Olympic rings can be added to existing plaques commemorating a club’s Olympians.

The cost of the plaque is borne by the club, however Team Ireland has negotiated a special price with our preferred supplier to make the plaque scheme affordable.

If your club would like to erect a plaque, just get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.


100 Years of Team Ireland

The plaque scheme is part of a wider celebration to mark 100 years of Ireland’s particpation at the Olympic Games. There are many ways clubs and communities can get involved such as commissioning murals, creating watch parties or naming buildings or facilities after an Olympian.

Find out more about how to celebrate your local Olympians.

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