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Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games

The Milano Cortina 2026 Candidature fully embraces the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020/New Norm, putting the long-term development strategies and challenges of the host cities and regions at the centre.

They pledge to contribute to a golden decade of Olympic and Paralympic sport, placing Milano Cortina alongside other leading international cities, to help reposition the Games in modern society.

The selection of the venues is fully aligned with the ambition of northern Italy to become a world-class hub of excellence for winter sports. The Games will showcase the quality of the selected sports infrastructure and help to invest in renovating/upgrading those venues that need investments.

The Games will also be conducive to greater cooperation in the entire Alpine macro-region, to improve the attractiveness of the mountains as a place to live and reverse the trend of depopulation.

Finally, the Games are a unique opportunity to showcase Italy’s design style that has seen the “Made in Italy” brand become synonymous with excellence all over the world.


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