Gymnastics – McClenaghan qualifies for European Championships Pommel Final

Rhys McClenaghan qualified in 1st position to the Pommel Final of the 2023 European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics with a score of 14.966.

Rhys McClenaghan competed alongside teammates Adam Steele, Dominick Cunningham, Eamon Montgomery & Niall Hooton. In the All Around competition Adam Steele finished in 39th position with a score of 76.933, Dominick Cunningham placed 60th with a score of 75.097 and Niall Hooton placed 73 with a score of 70.532.

Gymnastics Ireland National Men’s Coach, Luke Carson said: “It was a good day of competition today. Stand out performances from Adam Steele and Rhys McClenaghan. Gymnasts gained a lot of experience from todays competition. We look forward to official World Championships qualification and Pommel Horse final this Saturday.”

Rhys will compete in the final on Saturday 15th April between 11.30am and 1.55pm Irish time.

Today (Wednesday 12th April) will see the Women’s qualifiers taking place where the Irish team – Haillie Hilton, Emma Slevin, Jane Heffernan & Kate Molloy will compete in Subdivision 4 from 4.30pm – 6.30pm Irish time.

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